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1.- Roman times

More than two thousand years ago, the Romans defeated the Carthaginians and conquered the Iberian peninsula after two hundred years of resistance from people living there (218 BC -19 BC).

 They called it Hispania. Its inhabitants gradually adopted Roman customs and laws. They spoke Latin and became Christians.


2.- Roman cities

The Romans divided Hispania into five provinces:

Tarraconensis,Lusitania, Baetica, Carthaginensis and Gallaetia.

They founded many cities in Hispania such as Tarraco, Hispalis andSagunto.

Roman cities were modelled onRome. They had two main streets and a forum (a large public square where importants events were celebrated) .


3.- Roman architecture

  • They built stone roads to connect the main cities.
  • Theatres, circuses, amphitheatres were built for entertainment.
  • Aqueducts and bridges were built to improve life in the cities.
  • Triumphal Arcs were built to commemorate important events.
  • Temples were used for religious purposes.


4.- Important people from Hispania in Roman times

 Many citizens of Hispania became important in theRoman empire:

  • Trajan and Hadrian were roman emperors who were born in Italica, in theprovince ofBaetica
  • Seneca was a great philosopher and writer who was born inCordoba
  • Lucan and Martial were famous poets who were born in Hispania.


5.- The end of Roman rule.

After about 400 AD Germanic tribes from Central andNorth Europeinvaded Hispania and Romans lost control of the peninsula.


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